Union Jack Supersonic

Union Jack

Angry, raw and percussive, Union Jack have been spreading their rock & roll, punk and ska influences since 1997. This singular combination, refined along the years, results in the trio’s unique and original sound, made of catchy melodies and musical dissonances

In the past few years, the trio has performed in France, Europe and Canada, which led them to share the stage with The Damned, DOA, UK Subs, Leftöver Crack, Swingin Utters, Subhumans, The Aggrolites, The Movement, Inner Terrestrials…

After 6 albums and EPs, produced on Beer Records in collaboration with Guerilla Asso, Old Town Bicyclette and Riot Ska Records for the UK, Union Jack will celebrate their 20th birthday with their new album “Supersonic”. These 14 new songs were recorded at Sofa Studio by RomTomCat. The mixing and mastering were undertaken by Mike Major who notably worked with At the Drive-in, Sparta, Coheed And Cambria, Gone is Gone.

Armed with their new album “Supersonic”, distributed in Europe, the USA and Japan, Union Jack keep on spreading more than ever their message with rage and conviction.

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